Advantage Plan (Monthly Subscription)

Advantage Plan (Monthly Subscription)


Government Agency Seeking Contractor


Small Business (SB), Disabled Veteran (DV) Business Enterprise (DVBE)

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Solicitation / Invitation #

IFB #22C840006

Project Description


Bid Due Date


Bid Due Time

11:00 am

Time Zone

(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Prebid Meeting

Yes / Mandatory

Prebid Instructions

Mandatory: Mandatory Date: 01/18/2023 Time: 10:00AM Location: CHP Riverside Area office located at 8118 Lincoln Avenue, Riverside, CA 92504 Questions Due January 25, 2023 @ 10:00 a.m.

License Requirement(s)


License Cassifications

C-39 Roofing

Include RFP / Bid Attachment(s)

Requires Bonding
Requires Insurance

Response Format

I. Bid Format and Content Requirements 1. General instructions a. Each individual or firm may submit only one (1) bid. For the purposes of this paragraph, “firm” includes a parent corporation of a firm and any other subsidiary of that parent corporation. If a firm or individual submits more than one (1) bid, CHP will reject all bids submitted by that firm or individual. b. Develop bids by following all IFB instructions and instructions or clarifications in question/answer notices, clarification notices, or IFB addenda. c. Before preparing a bid, seek timely written clarification of any requirements or instructions that are believed to be vague, unclear or that are not fully understood. Agreement increases will not be allowed due to poor examination of work sites and/or specifications. d. Arrange for timely delivery of the bid package to the specified address. Bidders are advised not to wait until shortly before the bid submission deadline to submit the bid. 2. Bid format requirements a. Submit one (1) original bid package. Bid must be complete with a copy of all required attachments and documentation. b. Bind bid package with a single staple in the upper left-hand corner. c. Sign applicable IFB attachments/forms in ink, preferably in a color other than black. CHP Riverside Area office Roof Repair Services 22C840006 Have a person who is authorized to bind the bidding firm sign each form that requires a signature. Signature stamps are not acceptable. Unsigned bids may be rejected. 3. Bid content requirements This section specifies the order and content of each bid and where applicable, indicates form/attachment completion instructions. When completing the attachments, follow the instructions in this section and any instructions appearing on the attachment. Unless otherwise indicated, do not submit supplemental information or other materials that CHP has not requested. Complete and assemble the following items listed on Attachment 1 – Required Attachment/Certification Checklist contained herein. After completing and signing the applicable attachments, assemble all items in the order and place them in a sealed envelope.

Submission Instructions

J. Submission of Bids 1. Submission instructions a. Assemble an original bid package. b. Place bid package in a single envelope or package. Seal the envelope. c. Mail or arrange for hand delivery of the bid package to the Department of California Highway Patrol, Business Services Section, Contract Services Unit. Bids may not be transmitted electronically by fax or email. d. Regardless of postmark or method of delivery, the CHP Business Services Section, Contract Services Unit must receive the bid package by the date and time stated in section B of this IFB, entitled “Time Schedule.” CHP will not publicly open or read late bids. e. Label and submit the bid package using one of the following methods. U. S. Mail/Overnight Express or Hand Delivery: IFB #22C840006 (Do Not Open) Department of California Highway Patrol Business Services Section, Contract Services Unit, Attn: Joshua Wickland 601 N. 7th Street Sacramento, CA 95811 Phone: (916) 843-3610
Company, Agency or Buyer
State of California
Dept of the CA Highway Patrol
916 843-3610
8118 Lincoln Avenue





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