CMG Direct Consulting Services​

For Larger Businesses - Complete Government Contracting Solution

CMG Alliance (CMG) has developed a specialized government contracting, marketing, and business development service designed to win government contracts for businesses seeking to foster an integrated contracting program for their business.

Strategic Contracting Opportunities, Government Agency Representation and Communications, Proposal Development, Work Plan Assistance, Cost Analysis, Post Award and Contract Management, and More…

What we do for your business:

  • Markets your business to the government
  • Finds, reviews, provides, and manages opportunities that fit your core capabilities
  • Plans, writes, completes, and submits proposals
  • Manages awarded contracts and serves as the primary interface between your company and the government
  • Assists and sets up teaming scenarios, subcontracting, and mentor protege programs

CMG’s aim is to achieve three (3) primary goals:

  1. Identify opportunities
  2. Develop winning proposals
  3. Close government contracts

Identify Opportunities

CMG assigns a dedicated government opportunities expert that mines, reviews, and qualifies government contracting opportunities that match your company’s core competencies.

CMG utilizes an organizational system to manage and deploy opportunities for your review.

The opportunity identification process includes the following;

  • Dedicated government opportunities specialist
  • Contracting events and special procurement conferences attendance
  • Business development outreach effort to contracting officers and primes
  • Government opportunities identification and management, Go No Go Checklist
  • Software, CMG Infuse – Proposal,opportunity management, and communication CRM software
  • Google Drive document management and file sharing system
  • Opportunities notifications
  • Sources sought, RFI, and market research technical writing and submission
  • Procurement release monitoring
  • Weekly strategy meetings

Develop Proposals

CMG has an in-house technical writing team that reviews, develops, and constructs local, state, and federal proposals. Each proposal is customized to meet specific requirements from the respective agency or buyer. CMG leverages a web-based proposal production system to manage and track the critical items and phases of the proposal production process such as deadlines, scope and requirements analysis, pre-bid meetings, proposal checklists, technical writing, initial quality assurance review, final red team evaluation, and proposal final production and delivery.

This process includes;

  • Receive organized checklists and summary of solicitations
  • Technical writing production
  • Scope understanding and input, cost analysis, and proper pricing methods
    Co-authoring proposal sections
  • Daily checks and Immediate updates on award status and amendment releases
  • Document management system and real-time communications and notifications log

Close Contracts

CMG closes contracts, builds a diversified contract portfolio, and provides contract administration services to ensure contract compliance and project execution runs smoothly between your company and the government. CMG monetizes this process to establish a reputation and fortify past performance with focus on winning follow-on contracts.

  • Contract acquisition, pre and post award documentation management
    System for RFI, Pay Applications, Submittals, Schedules, etc…
  • Contract administration and compliance
  • Maintain pre-award services and relationship management
    Follow-on contracts

CMG structures weekly meetings to ensure your company remains on task and target to close, manage, and complete projects in a controlled manner.

CMG believes in gaining traction and momentum in relation to scale and balance for managed growth.