Real Client Success Stories
Real Client Success Stories

Business Assessment: CMG Government Contracting Services


To determine if your business is a good fit for our specialized government contracting services, we invite you to complete and submit the assessment form below. Upon receiving your submission, our team at CMG Alliance will carefully evaluate your business profile and capabilities to ensure we can effectively support your government contracting objectives.

Once we have reviewed your assessment, a CMG representative will get in touch with you to discuss our findings and explore potential partnership opportunities. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your unique business goals, and we look forward to the possibility of helping your company excel in the world of government contracting.

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Introducing CMG Alliance: Your Partner in Government Contracting Success

In today’s competitive business landscape, securing government contracts is a highly coveted opportunity for many businesses. However, navigating the complex world of government contracting can be a daunting task. That’s where CMG Alliance (CMG) comes in. We offer a comprehensive suite of government contracting, marketing, and business development services specifically designed to help your business win and manage government contracts, fostering a seamless integration into your overall business strategy.

Our services cover every aspect of government contracting, including:

  • Marketing your business to the government
  • Identifying, reviewing, and managing opportunities that align with your core capabilities
  • Assistance with developing, completing, and submitting winning proposals
  • Serving as the primary liaison between your company and the government post-award
  • Assisting with teaming scenarios, subcontracting, and mentor-protégé programs

At CMG, we focus on achieving three primary goals for your business:

  1. Identify Opportunities: Our dedicated government opportunities experts ensure that we not only find the right opportunities for your business but also qualify and manage them effectively. We leverage our extensive network and advanced software tools to streamline this process and maintain clear communication with your team.

  2. Develop Winning Proposals: Our in-house technical writing team helps you customize proposals tailored to the specific requirements of each government agency or buyer. We utilize a web-based proposal production system to manage and track all aspects of the process, from deadlines and scope analysis to final red team evaluations and delivery.

  3. Close Government Contracts: Our expertise doesn’t end with securing a contract. We ensure contract compliance and smooth project execution, working to build a diversified contract portfolio for your business. We also focus on fortifying your past performance and establishing a strong reputation, which sets the stage for winning follow-on contracts.

With CMG Alliance as your partner, you can expect a structured approach to managing government contracting opportunities. Through weekly meetings and real-time communications, we keep your company on track and poised for success in this lucrative market. Trust CMG to provide the support, expertise, and momentum your business needs to achieve sustainable growth in government contracting.