Advantage Plan (Monthly Subscription)

Advantage Plan (Monthly Subscription)


How our services help you win contracts

Services Offered

Training and Business Development Programs: CMG Alliance executes comprehensive training and business development programs tailored to government agencies and non-profit organizations. These programs aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants, enabling them to navigate the complexities of government contracting.

Government Contracting Strategy: CMG Alliance works closely with businesses to develop and implement effective government contracting strategies. By identifying opportunities and potential pitfalls, the firm helps clients establish a strong presence in the government contracting market.

Technical Assistance: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by small and diverse contractors just starting out, CMG Alliance offers technical assistance to help them navigate the complexities of the government contracting process. This support can include guidance on proposal development, contract compliance, and other relevant areas.

In summary, CMG Alliance is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to capitalize on government contract opportunities. With a proven track record of success and a comprehensive range of services, the firm is well-equipped to help its clients achieve their goals in the competitive world of government contracting.




CMG Alliance is a premier provider of government contracting and business consulting solutions, leveraging its extensive resources, experience, and expertise to help clients successfully pursue government contracts. By offering an integrated suite of services, CMG ensures that its clients are well-positioned to capitalize on lucrative opportunities in the federal, state, and local government sectors.

Key components of CMG’s comprehensive solution include:

  1. Strategic Planning: CMG’s expert team works closely with clients to develop tailored strategic plans that align with their unique goals and objectives, ensuring a targeted approach to government contracting opportunities.

  2. Agency Marketing: CMG’s deep understanding of government agencies enables them to effectively market clients’ offerings to federal, state, and local agencies, maximizing the chances of winning contracts.

  3. Bidmatching: Utilizing advanced tools and industry knowledge, CMG identifies suitable contract opportunities for clients, streamlining the bidding process and increasing the likelihood of success.

  4. Proposal Writing: CMG’s experienced proposal writers create compelling, compliant, and competitive proposals that showcase clients’ capabilities, helping them stand out in the crowded government contracting marketplace.

  5. Business Services: To support clients’ growth and success, CMG offers a range of business services, such as contract compliance guidance, risk management, and performance monitoring.

  6. Government Contract Training: CMG’s comprehensive training programs equip clients with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex world of government contracting, enabling them to make informed decisions and grow their businesses.

In essence, CMG Alliance’s integrated approach to government contracting and business consulting empowers clients to effectively navigate the competitive landscape and secure lucrative contracts, driving their business growth and success.

Is government contracting right for your business?


  • Seeking to grow the business wth government contracts
  • $1m – $10m annual gross revenues
  • Public sector past performance at federal, state, local, or utility company
  • Currently fosters project management and job costing departments
  • Ability to bond projects $3m to $10m (Construction)

Government Spending

CMG utilizes your business codes and identifies how much the government is spending on your products and services lineup at the federal, state, and local levels. CMG research analysts search spending and procurement records from the Dept. of Army, Navy, and Air Force, Army Corp, DGS, CA Universities, Utility Companies, CalTrans, and many others.

Capability Statements and SOQ Development

Our consulting service model includes a marketing makeover on your capability statement and statement of qualifications which is used to market your company to a broad base of government contracting officers and agency buyers.

Opportunity Identification
and Proposal Development

CMG opportunity specialists search specific bids and RFPs relating to your business’s core capabilities. CMG creates an opportunity dashboard you use to manage, approve, or decline opportunities. On approved opportunities, CMG begins proposal writing and bid package production. CMG handles the process from end-to-end until an award has been issued.

Professional Training and
Agency Consulting

CMG provides a wide range of training and professional development courses for government agencies in supplier diversity, procurement, set-asides and certifications, proposal writing, teaming, FAR, project management, and other government protocols.

State and Federal
Certifications and Applications

Whether your looking to obtain your 8(a), DVBE, SDVOSB, or other certification to capture set-aside contracts and preference, CMG can help prepare and submit your application.

Teaming and Joint Venture

CMG utilizes teaming agreements to combine contractors with different certifications to fill the preference or set-aside on certain bids. This helps to improve your chances of winning an award relative to technical acceptability and lowest price in connection with meeting a socioeconomic goal established by the agency or buyer.

CMG Business Assessment

Interested in government contracting? CMG provides a free business assessment to determine if government procurement is suitable for your business.

Common Questions

Yes, CMG finds and presents opportunities to you. Once you approve an oppportunity, CMG prepares, develops, submits a complete bid package on your behalf. After your proposal is submitted, CMG monitors for an award.

CMG government contract consulting programs run month-to-month or annually. In general, clients leverage longer term programs to increase the frequency of proposal submissions over time to maximize the thresholds for winning awards.

CMG has won contracts for clients in less than 30 days. However, cases like this are rare. When clients are engaged and focused on providing the lowest price on proposals they become more competitive. Different levels of government utilize technical, experience, and pricing as factors for an award. Contractors with the lowest price and highest technical acceptability usually win contracts. CMG recommends at least 6 to 12 months to allow the process to mature.

CMG seeks out government set-asides and preferences at the city, state, and federal levels. CMG can structure teaming agreements to join two or more contractors to bid on a single project to meet certain government socioeconomic goals on contracts.

CMG government marketing is a business development service that contains attending conferences, contracting events, and other networking activities to promote your business.