Real Client Success Stories
Real Client Success Stories
The CMG Premier Plan represents a sophisticated blend of strategic consulting and comprehensive support, designed for businesses that are ready to expand their footprint in the government contracting arena. As CMG’s mid-tier offering, this plan provides up to 25 hours of tailored consulting per month, ensuring personalized attention and strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of government contracting effectively.

With the Premier Plan, you’ll gain unlimited access to a wide range of government contracting opportunities and use of our advanced proposal management tools, CMG BidGrid and CMG InfusePro. These resources are complemented by in-depth RFP analysis and comprehensive proposal support, helping to secure a competitive edge in your bid submissions.

Further enhancing the value of this plan is our commitment to strategic advisorship through bi-weekly strategy meetings and support in developing key partnerships and subcontracting opportunities. The Premier Plan also offers advanced cost analysis support and includes membership in the CMG Network of Certified Government Contractors, significantly elevating your business profile and credibility.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in business relationships, this plan can also include contract commission sharing upon agreement, ensuring that our success is aligned with yours. Choose the CMG Premier Plan to empower your business with the tools and expertise needed for substantial growth in the government contracting sector.
Your Partner for Government Contracting Success

Premier Plan Inclusions:

  • Up to 25 hours of consulting per month, with additional hours available if required, providing tailored support to advance your contracting goals.
  • Unlimited access to government contracting opportunities, helping you identify and pursue a broad array of contracts.
  • Use of CMG BidGrid and CMG InfusePro, our premier bid and proposal management software, to streamline your proposal processes.
  • In-depth RFP analysis, ensuring your submissions meet all specifications and increase your chances of winning bids.
  • Comprehensive proposal preparation, formatting, and staging, enhancing the professionalism and impact of your submissions. CMG can also structure proposals with unique branding and graphics for added impact!
  • Technical writing for proposals, providing detailed, precise documentation to support your bid submissions. Note: Clients are responsible for final bid submission.
  • Dedicated strategic advisorship, offering expert guidance and insights to refine your approach to government contracts.
  • Support for establishing teaming and subcontracting opportunities, expanding your network and capabilities for larger projects.
  • Guidance on handling public records requests and FOIA, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate complex legal requirements.
  • Bi-weekly strategy meetings, ensuring ongoing alignment with your strategic objectives and timely adaptation to market or regulatory changes.
  • Membership in the CMG Network of Certified Government Contractors, boosting your business’s profile and credibility in the market.
  • Advanced cost analysis support, optimizing your financial strategies to enhance bid competitiveness.
  • Access to specialized resources and additional support, furthering your capabilities and readiness for government contracting challenges.
  • Dedicated account manager who uses a company email alias to act as your personal guide, managing your bids and proposals every step of the way.
  • Contract commission sharing upon agreement, offering a flexible and mutually beneficial financial arrangement.

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CMG Alliance Add-On Services

Video Overview

Dedicated Government Contract Opportunities Expert

CMG assigns an experienced professional who specializes in identifying, evaluating, and qualifying government contracting opportunities that align with your company’s core competencies. This targeted approach ensures you can focus on pursuing contracts that offer the highest potential for success.

Proposal Development Assistance

Our in-house technical writing team works closely with you to review RFP requirements and develop a robust response structure. This collaboration allows you to craft compelling and compliant proposals that stand out from the competition.

Proposal / Bid Management System

Utilizing cutting-edge proposal management technology, CMG streamlines the entire proposal production process. Our system manages critical milestones, deadlines, scope and requirements analysis, pre-bid meetings, proposal checklists, technical writing, and more, ensuring you stay on track and organized throughout the journey.

Quality Assurance Proposal Review

When you’re ready to submit your proposal, CMG provides a quality assurance (Red Team Evaluation) review on your response to ensure RFP requirements are met to maximize chance at award.


With CMG as your trusted partner in government contracting, you’ll have the expertise, resources, and support you need to succeed in the competitive world of government contracting. Let us help you transform your business and secure the contracts that will propel you to new heights.