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Advising Hours / Direct Consulting (3 Hours)

CMG Alliance Consulting Hours in 3-Hour Lots

Opt for a flexible and focused approach to professional consulting with CMG Alliance’s 3-hour lot purchase option. This offering allows you to acquire expert consulting services in convenient 3-hour segments, adaptable to your specific business needs. Engage in Strategic Advising to develop and refine your organizational strategies. Utilize RFP Analysis for insightful interpretation and response to Request for Proposals, enhancing your competitive edge. Benefit from Proposal Staging and Proposal Quality Assurance Review to ensure your proposals are compelling and meet industry standards. The package also includes Contract Management and Contracting Support, providing expert guidance on contractual agreements and negotiations. Cost Analysis is available to assist in financial optimization and decision-making. Additionally, the lot includes tailored Training sessions, aimed at boosting your team’s proficiency in these key business areas. This modular approach offers the flexibility to focus on the areas most critical to your business success, in manageable 3-hour increments.

Apply towards:

  • Strategic Advising
  • RFP Analysis
  • Proposal Staging
  • Proposal Quality Assurance Review
  • Contract Management / Contracting Support
  • Cost Analysis
  • Training