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Growing Small and Diverse Businesses through Contracting



We offer an all-inclusive contracting and business development  program designed to help small and diverse businesses capitalize on contracting opportunities.

Small and diverse businesses typically understand that doing business with government and large corporate entities can be difficult and labor intensive pertaining to administrative and documentation procedures.

Securing a U.S. Federal government and / or a corporate contract provides a level of stability for a small and diverse business, which is advantageous during all types of financial climates.

CMG’s primary focus is to work with small and diverse businesses to build capacities and create jobs through government contracting.

CMG provides expert advisorship and assists each small and diverse business with:

  • Government contract training
  • Government socioeconomic certifications
  • Marketing their business to the government
  • CMG finds, reviews, provides, and manages opportunities that fit core capabilities
  • Assists and helps set up teaming scenarios and mentor protege programs
  • Coordinates introductions and teaming scenarios with primes
  • Subcontracting opportunities
  • Submit organized checklists and summary of solicitations
  • Advises on how to submit FOIA and Public Record Requests
  • Stages and co-authors proposals
  • Helps with technical writing production and track proposal progress
  • Works with contractors to perform daily checks and immediate updates on award status and amendment releases
  • Provides a document management system and real-time communications and notifications log
  • Helps manages awarded contracts
  • Guides contractors throughout the entire government contracting lifecycle
How it works

Two Phase Training and Business Development Program

Group strategy sessions and contracting assignments
  • Program overview and introduction to government contracting
  • Socioeconomic certifications, spending research, identifying targets to market your business
  • Finding opportunities and writing proposals
  • Post award preparation and project management
Finding Opportunities, Reviewing and Analyzing RFP’s and RFQ’s, and Proposal and Management Planning
  • Understanding procurement methodology 
  • Opportunity and proposal management CRM system (CMG Infuse) setup
  • Producing proposals/ cost analysis 
  • Teaming agreements and MOU’s
  • Negotiations and business tactics 
  • Contract administration, Business structure, management, key personnel, and execution of a project
  • Quality assurance and quality control procedures 
  • Development of differentiators and advantage strategy 
  • RFP analysis
  • Establishing connections to local partners
  • Making Introductions to potential customers and working with service providers  
  • Conducting market overviews
  • Providing research
  • Providing tailored services to contacts
  • Opportunity identification of specific contracts (go no go checklist) 
Proposal Development and Contract Capture
  • Meeting RFP requirements, assessing contract magnitude, price pressure, and competition
  • Federal set-asides and state / local preferences and advantages
  • Proposal production
    Cost analysis, negotiations and business tactics
  • Developing sub-contractors
  • Bid format, packaging, and submission assistance
  • Contract administration and management

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