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Provide Transitional Housing Placement-Plus Program Services

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Kern County Department of Human Services is seeking a Contractor to provide Transitional Housing Placement-Plus (“THP-Plus”) services to youth who have aged out of foster care. The THP-Plus program provides the opportunity for safe and secure housing while assisting the youth in developing and obtaining the necessary skills, education and employment needed for independent living.

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Bid Due Time

11:00 am

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(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Prebid Meeting

No / Not Mandatory

Prebid Instructions

2. Pre-Proposal Meeting A Pre-Proposal meeting has been set for January 17, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. The meeting will be held at via Microsoft TEAMS. RSVP for link/meeting ID at: The purpose of the conference is to permit proposers an opportunity to ask questions and/or provide feedback to County staff on specifics of this RFP. Preliminary answers may be given at the Pre-Proposal meeting. However, these responses are only preliminary and will not be final until they are provided as an addendum to the RFP. While some input obtained at the meeting may be incorporated into the RFP via addenda, remarks and explanations made at the meeting shall not change the provisions of the final RFP. ***All interested parties who may have questions are urged to attend.***

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Requires Insurance

Response Format

Proposal Format and Contents For ease of review and to facilitate evaluation, the Proposals for this project should be organized and presented in the order requested as follows: 1. Cover Page: Include a letter of introduction signed by an authorized representative of the firm containing the following language:  The undersigned certifies that all statements in the Proposal are true and correct; and that any material false statement contained in this proposal shall entitle Kern County to pursue any and all remedies authorized by law and/or declare any contract made as a result thereof, to be void.  Indicate the name of the firm and the RFP project title clearly on your cover sheet. 2. Corporate/Agency Profile: Provide specific information concerning the firm in this section, including all of the following:  The legal name, address and telephone number of your company  The type of entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation and whether public or private).  Whether you are a local Kern County vendor as defined in section I.D.2. of this RFP (provide the street address of the local office).  The name and telephone number of the person(s) in your company authorized to execute the proposed contract. If two or more firms are involved in a joint venture or association, the Proposal(s) should clearly delineate the respective areas of authority and responsibility of each party. All parties signing the Agreement with the County shall be individually liable for the completion of the entire project even when the areas of responsibility under the terms of the joint venture or association are limited. 3. Qualifications and Experience: This section is designed to establish the proposer as an entity with the ability and experience to operate the program, or provide the services, as specified in the RFP. Provide specific information in this section concerning the firm’s experience and qualifications (skill sets, contractor licensing, certifications etc.) in the services specified in this RFP, preferably within the State of California. Include all of the following:  The number of employees involved in providing services  Number of years providing services  Financial statements (balance sheet and Dun & Bradstreet credit rating acceptable)  Examples of completed projects  Skill sets  Contractor licensing, if applicable  Certifications, if applicable Documentation of Satisfactory Past Performance/References Provide a minimum of three (3) reference letters for similar services rendered (must be within the last twelve (12) months on the reference company’s letterhead. Each reference shall include a current point of contact and a phone number. Each reference letter must have all of the following information:  Date of the original contract;  End date of the contract;  Services rendered;  Names, addresses, email and telephone numbers of contact persons within client agencies for whom the services have been provided. Provide a list of all clients with current contact information including email, to which you have provided similar services over the last two years, but are not currently working for. Please indicate why you are not currently providing services to said client(s). 4. Credentials/Resumes: Of critical importance is the composition of the team proposed to provide services on this project. Credentials and resumes of the person(s) responsible for administering or providing the services must be provided. Include a statement of qualifications and resumes/backgrounds of key personnel assigned to the project, including training certifications of professional and non-professional personnel. Proposer shall specifically provide the following information on all management, supervisory and other key employees who will be providing service: a. Name, business address and phone number b. Description of education c. General experience d. Experience or education related to the RFP project e. Letters of reference, if available List consultant firms, if any, that you plan to use for this project and their relevant experience. 5. Project Approach, Work Schedule, Transition Plan and Technology Requirements: a. Provide a detailed description of the methodology proposed to perform all required services. b. The project approach should include specific details with regard to how and what services, training, installation, etc. are included in your response to the County. Provide specific information and details. c. Describe approach and methodology that will be used to address obstructions, constraints or roadblocks in the submitted proposal. d. List, and describe actions that will be done in order to comply and meet required benchmarks, performance standards and quality assurance. e. Detail and describe security clearance and information technology requirements. f. If applicable, detailed description of proposed utilization of Business and/or Work Environment provided by County. g. Include any additional information and options that you feel may be advantageous to the County. Label options clearly and specify all costs and fees associated with each option. h. Include specific details with regard to a work schedule/transition plan which contains an aggressive schedule that will complete, or start up, the project before July 1, 2023. This schedule should contain specific milestones and dates of completion which will be used to set schedules. i. Also identify the extent of County personnel involvement deemed necessary, including key decision points at each stage of the project. j. Identify deliverables that will be produced in order to receive payment. This may include deliverables with milestone dates or time periods that are required to be completed. k. Specify all software and computer technology that is anticipated to be used in rendering the services. If the Proposal includes the purchase of any software by the County, provide a copy of any software license agreements that the County would be required to execute. l. Describe how each of the County’s desired outcomes will be met. m. Do not include brochures and advertisements in your Proposal unless the content they provide is identified and included specifically in your description of the methodology and/or approach to the services you are proposing to provide the County. 6. Cost of Service: The Proposal shall clearly state all of the costs associated with the project, broken down by category of products and services, and all on-going costs for recommended/required products/services such as maintenance. As a general rule, the County prefers a set price or hourly rate for the entire term of any contract. Price escalators such as the CPI may also have a detrimental impact on the proposer’s score determined by the Evaluation Committee and are disfavored by Kern County. The project costs should include all expenses that will be charged to the County including but not limited to costs for shipping, insurance, communications, documentation reproduction, travel, taxes, etc. Failure to not clearly identify all costs associated with the Proposal may be cause for rejection of the Consultant’s Proposal. 7. Insurance: The selected proposer will be required to obtain, as a condition of the award of a contract, and the Proposal shall state that the proposer will obtain the insurance as required in the attached agreement. All insurance shall be issued consistent with the final Agreement with County. Insurance coverage at a minimum must be provided by a company or companies listed in the current “Best’s Key Rating Guide” publication with a minimum of A-, VII rating; or in special circumstances, as pre-approved by the Risk Management Division of the Office of County Counsel. The selected proposer shall file with the Contact Person a Certificate(s) of Insurance stating the required coverages are in effect. 8. Additional Information: Include any other information you believe to be pertinent but not required. 9. Confidential Information: Proposers are cautioned that because the County is a public entity, materials designated as “confidential” may nevertheless be subject to disclosure. Proposers are advised that the County does not wish to receive confidential or proprietary information and that proposers are not to supply such information except when it is absolutely necessary. IF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION IS SUBMITTED: a. ALL CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION MUST BE STAMPED WITH A “CONFIDENTIAL” WATERMARK AND PLACED IN A SEPARATE TABBED SECTION #9 OF THE RFP MARKED “CONFIDENTIAL”. b. Any documents labeled “CONFIDENTIAL” shall include the following statement signed and placed on the first page of the CONFIDENTIAL material: “ (legal name of proposer) shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the County of Kern, its officers, agents and employees from and against any request, action or proceeding of any nature and any damages or liability of any nature, specifically including attorneys’ fees awarded under the California Public Records Act (Government Code §6250 et seq.) arising out of, concerning or in any way involving any materials or information in this Proposal that (legal name of proposer) has labeled as confidential, proprietary or otherwise not subject to disclosure as a public record.” By: Date

Submission Instructions

The proposer shall submit six (6) written copies of the Proposal and one (1) copy on thumb drive. The thumb drive (virus free) must be a standard Microsoft Windows (Word, Adobe, Excel etc.) compatible format readable by the County; using word processing software that is Windows based, preferably Microsoft Word. Proposer agrees to be fully responsible for any damage caused by any materials submitted to County. Please submit all Proposals to: Kern County General Services Division REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL 1115 Truxtun Ave., 3rd Floor Bakersfield, CA 93301 Telephone (661) 868-3000 Proposals may be delivered in person, by courier service or by mail to the address indicated above. ALL PROPOSALS MUST BE SEALED AND RECEIVED BEFORE 11:00 A.M. on February 9, 2023 at the above office and address. Proposals submitted after the above deadline will not be accepted. It is strongly suggested that any proposers intending to hand deliver a proposal on the last day for submission arrive at the General Services Division third floor main lobby at least ten (10) minutes prior to the proposal receipt deadline to receive a “test” time stamp to validate the official current time. The time stamp clock in the main lobby of General Services will be the official time. Any Proposal received at or after 11:00 a.m. will be returned unopened. Only one (1) Proposal may be submitted from each proposer. For purposes of this RFP, a proposer is defined to include a parent corporation of the proposer and any other subsidiary of that parent corporation. If a proposer submits more than one (1) Proposal, all Proposals from that proposer shall be rejected.
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