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Fire Alarm System Installation at CTF

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Project Description

The Contractor shall provide all designs, drawings, submittals, and programming to integrate with the existing system located in Central Health Services “O-Building” for a complete and fully functional FAS including, but not limited to, conduits, wiring, heat sensors, strobes, smoke detectors, flow sensors, valve switches, switch for door closers and any and all signal and communications related to FAS per plans and specifications. The Contractor shall furnish new Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) or modify the existing FACP devices, relays and any other components necessary to ensure the system automatically transmits trouble and alarm indications to the existing system. The services shall be performed in accordance with the Scope of Work described herein and in accordance with the plans and specifications attached hereto. In the event of a conflict between the Scope of Work (SOW) and the plans and specifications, the SOW shall prevail. The services performed are subject to CDCR and Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) requirements. The Contractor shall:  Ensure design, material and installation conforms to applicable codes and regulations as identified in the project plans and specifications.  Provide a FAS that will integrate with the existing Silent Knight IFP-50 Fire Alarm System.  Complete installation, programming, final inspection and testing and acceptance in phases.  Ensure the completed system reports to the Fireworks Workstation in Central Control. The Contractor shall verify available cable and conduit to be used to connect new device location to the existing FACP, including sufficient pathway to Central Control.  Install and terminate devices and program the FACPs to communicate with existing and new devices, any automatic shutdown of existing Air Handling Units and all other related components for a complete and functional FAS. Contractor shall verify the proper installation and operation of the fire alarm signals and reporting devices and test all components prior to OSFM inspection per project specifications.  Coordinate the routing of all electrical conduits with the IWL Site Supervisor.  Be present for all on site functional testing by the OSFM.  Provide complete start-up and testing of the FAS.  Provide Operations and Maintenance data and final as-built drawings at completion of the project.  Provide technical support for the installation of conduits, wiring, panels, devices and all other items deemed necessary by the IWL Site Supervisor.  Provide up to eight (8) hours of technical support and training for CDCR Staff on operation and maintenance of the new FAS, located in the “O- Building” Central Health Services.  Furnish and install all wire, fire alarm boxes, and conductors.  Furnish all terminations and associated installation.  Connect smoke and fire dampers to system. Provide Testing, Acceptance, and Training to include: 1. Testing and OSFM Inspection and approval. 2. Training for IWL staff. 3. Submittal of as-built documents and operation and maintenance data as defined in the specifications.

Bid Due Date


Bid Due Time

11:00 am

Time Zone

(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Prebid Meeting

Yes / Mandatory

Prebid Instructions

Pre Bid Conference Mandatory: Mandatory Date: 01/05/2023 Time: 9:00AM Location: 31625 Highway 101. Soledad, CA, 93960

License Requirement(s)


License Cassifications

B General Building, C-10 Electrical

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Requires Bonding
Requires Insurance

Response Format

4. PHASES OF WORK The Contractor shall accomplish all work in four (4) phases as outlined below. Phase 1: Submittals Upon execution of the Agreement, a Submittal Notice will be issued by the IWL Contract Analyst for this phase. Submittals are due to the CDCR within twenty-one (21) calendar days from the date of the Submittal Notice issued by the IWL Contract Analyst. The Contractor shall submit three (3) hard copies and (1) electronic copy of the design drawings and material submittals to CDCR. All Design Drawings/Submittals will be approved by CDCR’s Architecture and Engineering Unit, in addition to the OSFM approval, prior to the commencement of work. The CDCR will submit the Design Drawings/Submittals to the OSFM on behalf of the Contractor for approval. See Exhibit A-1, State Fire Marshal Submittal Guidelines. A copy will be returned to the Contractor “Approved for Use” or “Revise and Resubmit”. Submittals returned to the Contractor for resubmission shall be resubmitted within ten (10) calendar days. CDCR Submittals shall be sent to: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Inmate/Ward Labor Program Attn: Sara Eaton, IWL Contract Analyst 9838 Old Placerville Road, Suite B Sacramento, CA 95827 Once the submittals have been approved, the IWL Site Supervisor will issue a Notice to Proceed. Phase 2: Rough-in Installation and all required inspections complete, strategies and step-by-step procedures. Phase 3: Finish Installation and Technical Support of a complete and functional system. Phase 4: Testing, Acceptance and Training for project reports and inspections. ***Remainder of Submittal Requirements start on page 30 of rfp.pdf***

Submission Instructions

VI. BID SUBMITTAL Sealed bids must be received no later than the time and date specified in the Projected Timetable (Section I of these instructions) at the designated address stated below. MAIL DELIVERY, HAND DELIVERY, or OVERNIGHT MAIL: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Office of Business Services, Contracts Management Branch Attention: Joe O’Connor 9838 Old Placerville Road, Suite B-2 Sacramento, CA 95827 Any bid received at the above address after the Submission of Bid date and time specified in the Projected Timetable, Section I, will NOT be considered. It is the State’s policy to make every effort to ensure that all bids have been received and properly time stamped; however, bidders are ultimately responsible for ensuring timely receipt of their bid. Bidders may verify receipt of their bid by contacting the person identified in the cover letter of this IFB prior to the Public Bid Opening. Bids that are not properly marked may be disregarded. All completed bids and required documents shall be packaged and submitted in a sealed envelope to the address specified in the section entitled “Bid Submission Requirements”. The sealed envelope must be clearly marked “BID FOR Fire Alarm System CTF – BID NO. C5611273-D Attention: Joe O’Connor – DO NOT OPEN.” Failure to do so may result in the premature opening of, or failure to open, your bid. In submitting a bid, the bidder accepts the terms and conditions expressed herein. Costs incurred for developing bids and in anticipation of award of the Agreement are the responsibility of the bidder and shall not be charged to the State. A bidder may modify a bid after its submission by withdrawing the original bid and resubmitting a new bid prior to the bid submission deadline. Bidder modifications offered in any other manner, oral or written, will not be considered. A bid may be withdrawn from consideration by submitting a written withdrawal request to the State, signed by the bidder or an authorized agent. Once opened by the State, the submitted bid is binding and may not be withdrawn without cause. All documents submitted in response to this IFB will become the property of the State and will be regarded as public records under the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 6250 et seq.) and subject to review by the public.
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