Real Client Success Stories
Real Client Success Stories

Proposal Development and Technical Assistance

Proposal Planning

CMG has an in-house technical writing team that reviews, develops, and constructs local, state, and federal proposals. Each proposal is customized to meet specific requirements from the respective agency or buyer.

CMG leverages a web-based proposal production system to manage and track the critical items and phases of the proposal production process such as deadlines, scope and requirements analysis, pre-bid meetings, proposal checklists, technical writing, initial quality assurance review, final red team evaluation, and proposal final production and delivery.

This process includes;

  • Receive organized checklists and summary of solicitations
  • Technical writing production
  • Scope understanding and input, cost analysis, and proper pricing methods
    Co-authoring proposal sections
  • Daily checks and Immediate updates on award status and amendment releases
  • Document management system and real-time communications and notifications log

Proposal Staging and Development

Depending on which CMG contracting program you choose, we’re focused on helping you win a contract as well as understanding a cost and profitability model used as a safeguard against loss. The phase will consist of providing tools for proposal development, technical writing approach, and the proper structure of planning, preparing, and submitting a proposal. 

Required Items to Submit a Proposal

  • Meeting RFP requirements 
  • Assessing contract magnitude, price pressure, and competition
  • Federal set-asides and state / local preferences and advantages
  • Proposal production 
  • Cost analysis 
  • Negotiations and business tactics 
  • Developing sub-contractors
  • Bid format, packaging, and submission assistance
  • Contract administration and management
  • Quality Assurance

We incorporate the use of Google Docs and establish a format that meets proposal requirements giving the businesses an advantage when developing responses. Google Docs enables us to guide the business through the proposal development process to produce an effective proposal response with co-authoring functionality.

Items Required for Proposal Submission

  • Go / No Go Checklist
  • Submit Questions to Agency (PRR / FOIA Who’s current contractor, what are current rates)
  • Proposal Staging Major
  • Technical Writing, Data Entry, Bid Forms
  • Complete Pricing, Schedule, and Identified Personnel for the Project
  • Finalized Last Proposal Items
  • Final Packaging and Review
  • Last Quality Assurance Review (Sign off)
  • Submit / Mail Bid
  • Monitor for Award / Win Contract

We stage and develop the core framework and base elements of the proposal which includes title page, table of contents, cover letter, addendum / amendment acknowledgement letter, response / tabbed pages, bid forms, appendix and other elements required for the proposal submission.