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Go / No Go Bid Evaluation Checklist

For each opportunity, complete the checklist to determine if you’re proceeding. Whether or not you move forward, completion helps refine search criteria for your business. I confirm I have read and reviewed.

  1. Initial Review:
    • Time Confirmation: Do we have enough time to compile a comprehensive bid?
    • Bid Documents: Thoroughly review all bid documents via the provided OppID link or other access methods.
  2. Critical Dates:
    • Solicitation Due Date: Confirm the deadline for the bid proposal submission.
    • Prebid Meetings: Confirm dates, times, and venues. Determine if attendance is mandatory.
  3. Socioeconomic Considerations:
    • Set-Asides: Identify any set-asides or preferences relevant to the bid.
    • Company’s Certifications: Cross-reference your company’s socioeconomic certifications with any set-asides or preferences to identify potential advantages.
  4. Competitiveness and Feasibility:
    • Price Analysis: Can we offer a competitive price while still achieving our desired profit margin?
    • Lead Time: Do we have enough lead time to produce a comprehensive, high-quality proposal?
  5. Proposal Delivery:
    • Delivery Method: Determine how the proposal should be delivered (e.g., mail-in, electronic, hard copy, in-person).
    • Backup Plans: Plan for contingencies. For example, if you’re mailing it in, consider sending it with enough lead time or using expedited delivery.
  6. Personnel and Capacity:
    • Team Evaluation: Ensure we have the right team members for the project. If not, can we hire or partner with someone in time?
    • Capacity: Confirm our current workload and ensure we have the bandwidth to take on this new project without compromising existing commitments.

Once intent to proceed is confirmed, expect a proposal template within business days. You’ll be guided on completing your RFP response, after which CMG will review your submission.

Use this checklist to determine if you will be moving forward with an opportunity. Complete for each opportunity whether you are moving forward or not (this helps us modify search criteria more suitable for your business). **** YOU CAN ADD MULTIPLE RESPONSES FOR EACH OPPORTUNITY Just click “Add and Complete for Another Opportunity” on the bottom of each entry ***

Upon confirmation of your intent to proceed, our team will typically have a proposal template prepared for you within a few business days, although more complex bids may require additional time. The staged proposal template will include follow-on instructions and guidance for completing your response. After receiving the template, you will be responsible for filling it out according to the RFP instructions, we provide our commentary and recommendations. Following this, our team will conduct a basic review of your submission.

CMG Proposal Disclaimer:

Please allow 2 – 3 weeks of lead time before the bid due date for proposal development. All proposal items must be complete 24 – 48 hours before bid submission (mail in, platform, or email submissions). CMG is not responsible for late, incomplete, and / or technical issues associated with your bid submission.

By submitting this Go / No Go checklist, you acknowledge and understand that the guidance, instruction, and technical assistance provided by CMG are intended solely to assist you in preparing your proposal responses. CMG is not responsible for writing or guaranteeing the accuracy, completeness, or compliance of your proposal responses with the requirements of the RFP. It is your responsibility to review and comply with all RFP requirements and to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your proposal responses. CMG assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in your proposal responses or any damages resulting from your reliance on the guidance, instruction, or technical assistance provided by CMG.

Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) CMG is closed in observance of all major US holidays

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